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The Healer Essential Oil Roller

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Introducing The Healer, a synergistic blend of essential oils crafted to bring balance and healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Formulated to alleviate the effects of migraines and headaches, this powerful blend can be applied to the forehead or temples for fast relief. Not only is it effective in calming anxiety, but each roller also includes a genuine amethyst crystal, known for its calming properties.

The Healer is made with a combination of premium, high-quality ingredients, including the essential oils of vetiver, clary sage, lavender, orange, geranium, and peppermint. These oils are carefully chosen for their ability to soothe and calm, promoting a sense of well-being and balance. The addition of amethyst crystal amplifies the healing properties of the oils, making The Healer an ideal choice for those seeking relief from headaches and tension.

Whether you're looking for a natural remedy for migraines or simply seeking a way to create balance and peace in your life, The Healer is the perfect choice. Each roller bottle is easy to use and can be taken with you on the go, making it convenient for any busy lifestyle. Experience the power of nature and the healing properties of crystals with The Healer, your go-to essential oil blend for mind, body, and spirit balance.



To use The Healer, apply the blend to pressure points on the body such as the temples, wrists, and nape of the neck, or any other areas where you may hold tension. When experiencing a migraine or anxiety, take a moment to surround yourself with the calming scent of the oils. Take deep breaths and focus on the healing properties of the blend. You can also apply a line of the blend across your forehead when experiencing a headache or migraine. Additionally, applying the blend before bed can aid in rejuvenation as the essences are breathed in throughout the night.