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You Are My Sunshine Sage Smudge | Good Cheer, Well Wishes (3 pack)

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You Are My Sunshine Sage Smudge is a powerful tool for purification and positive energy. This smudge is crafted with premium white sage and adorned with bright yellow petals, representing good cheer, well wishes, and happy days. The act of smudging, or burning sage, is a ancient spiritual practice used to clear negative energy and promote a sense of peace and tranquility. The warm and inviting aroma of white sage combined with the symbolic energy of the yellow petals make this smudge the perfect tool for setting intentions, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere and promoting a sense of good cheer. This smudge is a wonderful way to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for yourself, your family and guests.

 Sustainably harvested white sage from the coastal mountains of California is prized for its strong aromatic properties and for cleansing and purifying.

This set includes:

  • 3 Smudge Sticks with yellow petals 
  • Each sage stick measures 4 inches in length and is approx inch wide