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chakra wall decor Large Seven Chakra House Blessing

suncatcher Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher
from $38.00 variants
suncatcher Pink-Rose Quartz
crystal suncatchers boho decor for room Purple- Amethyst
himalayan salt rock crystal Orange-Salt Mine
suncatcher Green Fluorite
suncatcher Yellow- Citrine
suncatcher Blue-Aquamarine
crystal suncatchers boho decor for room Set of 6
white sage bundle White Sage With Rose Petals Smudge Stick (Box of 3)

rosesage $16.00
white sage White Sage Smudge Sticks (Box of 3)

crystal singing bowl Crystal Singing Bowls
from $69.95 variants
crystal singing bowl 8 Inch Throat Chakra
crystal singing bowl 10 Inch Solar Plexus Chakra
crystal singing bowl 11 Inch Navel Chakra
crystal singing bowl 12 Inch Root chakra
palo santo Palo Santo (10 Stick Bundle)

selenite healing bracelet Selenite Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

smudge bowl Burning Ritual Raw Black Clay Smudge Bowl

lapis lazuli bracelet Lapis Lazuli Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

chakra bracelet Chakra Rainbow Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

rose sage lavender loose petals smudge White Sage and Rose Petal Loose Smudge

palo santo and selenite Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle

essential oil roller The Healer Essential Oil Roller

sage rosemary smudge sticks Holiday Sage Smudge Sticks | Brings Good Cheer (Pack of 3)

rose quartz crystal points Double Terminated Aura Rose Quartz Points

amethyst Tiny AURA Amethyst Points and Clusters (6 stones)

samhain crystals SAMHAIN Crystal Collection 4 Pack Crystal Set

mini crystal mushroom Mini Crystal Mushrooms

white sage bundle You Are My Sunshine Sage Smudge | Good Cheer, Well Wishes (3 pack)

calming stones Calm Anxiety 8 Pack Crystal Set

crystal set Stronger Than You Know 8 Pack Crystal Set

chakra crystal set The Chakra Collection 8 Pack Crystal Set