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Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher
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Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher
Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher
Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher

Galaxy Crystal Suncatcher

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Harvest the sun with the Galaxy Suncatcher and bring crystal energy to your home. 

Enhance the natural light in your room with our Galaxy suncatchers, available in a sleek gold finish. Each suncatcher is adorned with sparkling crystal accents that reflect sunlight and cast mesmerizing rainbows throughout your space. Customize your suncatcher by selecting from a range of six different high-quality crystal materials, ensuring that this piece will be the perfect complement to your home decor.


Pink Rose Quartz may be used to balance emotional health, release emotional blockages, and it is considered a therapeutic stone.  

Amethyst stones are connected to the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst is believed to have healing properties that protect the bearer against negative energies. 

Orange Salt Mine can be used at any chakra for general cleansing and purification, peace and calming, healthy aging, goodwill, and thyroid support. This mineral combines the energies of the sun, the earth, the stars, and the primordial sea.

Green Fluorite clears negative energy from any environment and brings cleansing, renewal, and a spring-like freshness to the chakras.

Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism and is often used to assist in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. It can also be used to awaken the solar plexus chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power.

Aquamarine is said to help you sift through energy and information, create mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind; it's even used to improve the intellect.



Position the crystal suncatcher in a location that receives sunlight to enjoy a mesmerizing display of rainbows. As the sun casts light from different angles, the suncatcher reflects a variety of enchanting light effects, adding a captivating ambiance to any room.